Refunding excess taxes

Newspaper says, In a move that made the front page of the local newspaper, Lake Havasu Unified will be using $748,540.28 left over from the district's 1996 bond to reduce future district taxes. The decision was approved at the district's regular monthly board meeting for October. Arizona Revised Statute 15-1028 details two ways the money may be used as a credit for taxpayers.

If a bond issue and interest thereon have been fully paid and a balance remains in the debt service fund from taxes collected for payment of the bonds and interest, the balance may be applied on the payment of other outstanding bonded indebtedness of the school district payable from the levy of taxes on property within the school district in which the excess tax monies were collected, or if there is no outstanding bonded indebtedness, the balance remaining in or accruing to the debt service fund, on written request of the governing board of the school district, shall be used for reduction of school district taxes.

If the bond which is on the November ballot passes, option one will be used. If not, option two.

During the October meeting, the board also said thank you to local realtor Brenda Atkinson for leading a fundraising drive that collected $8,000 for school supplies from members of the Lake Havasu Association of Realtors, and the board welcomed new teachers from Thunderbolt Middle School and Lake Havasu High School.
More about the October 18 board meeting. | Newspaper article.

A generous community

Lake Havasu Unified administrators accept a donation from Relics & Rods.Our community is very generous. The schools of Lake Havasu Unified receive many donations form individuals, businesses, and organizations. Last school year, we received a total of $217,283 in donations. This year the donations total is already over $100,000, including a recent donation of $2,400 from Relics & Rods of Lake Havasu. This donation will be divided between our elementary schools.

Don't miss Relics & Rods 39th Annual Run to the Sun, coming October 19-23.

Pictured (left to right): Debbie Morgan, Relics & Rods; Claude Sanders, principal of Havasupai Elementary; Gary Morgan, Relics & Rods; Connie Hogard, principal of Smoketree Elementary; Diana Asseier, superintendent of Lake Havasu Unified; and Jo Navaretta, president of the Lake Havasu Unified governing board.

New documents available

We have posted two new documents that were requested by the community.

  • A handout, Summary of School District Annual Financial Report, was given out at a governing board meeting on 10/6/16. It was suggested by an audience member that an explanation of the funds and programs referenced in the spreadsheet would be helpful. A new version of the handout, with additional information, is now available. Please visit the 10/6 board special session web page to access all information relating to the meeting.
  • A reminder—a list of vendors from school year 2015-16 was posted several weeks ago. This will give you an idea of who the district does business with. It is available on our Budget and Financial Reports web page.

Upcoming events

  • For upcoming school board meetings check here.
  • October 24 (Monday), 4 pm-8 pm: Lake Havasu High School Shining Stars Club fundraiser at Pizza Hut (the one on Swanson). Show the flyer.
  • October 25 (Tuesday), 5 pm-8 pm: K-12 Foundation for LHUSD #1 "Taste of Havasu." Sample food from many of Havasu's premiere restaurants (Shugrues, Cha Bones, Turtle Bar & Grill, Red Onion, and many more.) At the Sara Park rodeo grounds. More...
  • October 26 (Wednesday), 5 pm-7 pm: Lake Havasu High School Educational Tour Group fundraiser at Lin's Little China (in Safeway shopping center). Let them know you are there for the tour group. More...
  • November 16 (Wednesday), 5 pm: Lake Havasu Unified superintendent Diana Asseier will share her vision for the future of Lake Havasu schools. On the A.S.U. campus in 109 Santiago Hall.
  • Several of our teachers have successfully used crowdsourcing websites to fund materials for their classrooms. The list of open projects is always changing, and you can search by zip code for those that are currently open. As of 9/19/16, there are these:

Lake Havasu Unified bond/override on November ballot

Voters will be asked to respond on the November election ballot to requests from Lake Havasu Unified for a bond and an override. Registered voters will receive an informational pamphlet on both items in the mail in early October, but that document is available now for download. Download the informational pamphlet.

We have also posted a document listing details of the bond ballot item. Download the bond details.

There are a couple of items in the voter pamphlet that people might ask about, so we are trying to anticipate your questions.

  • On pages 4 and 14 there are tables that contain some blank cells. School districts are required to tell the State School Facilities Board if they believe additional buildings or land will be needed in the upcoming years. No such new building square footage or purchase of land is anticipated for Lake Havasu Unified, so the relevant cells of the tables are empty.
  • Statements in favor of the ballot measures are included in the pamphlet, but there are no statements against them. The district posted a notice, as required, in the local newspaper on four consecutive days (see copy of notice) and on the district website for a month asking for both pro and con statements. No con statements were submitted.

We are grateful to all those who help us provide a better learning environment for our students.

Ginny Sautner named National Rural Teacher of the Year

Mrs. SautnerLake Havasu High School teacher Virginia Sautner has been named the Monsanto Fund National Rural Teacher of the Year. (press release)

Mrs. Sautner has been with Lake Havasu Unified since 2005, and teaches freshman honors English and Student Government (Advertising and Public Relations). She is an advisor to the her school's Student Government, National Honor Society, Distributive Education Clubs of America, and Renaissance. She took one year off from Havasu several years ago to participate in a teacher exchange program, spending a school year teaching in the Czech Republic. She has been recognized nine different times at the annual K-12 Foundation Academic Recognition Banquet (where top Lake Havasu High School students name the teacher who most influenced them).

An exceptional teacher. Read related newspaper story...

Parking lot maintenance

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.

Perhaps you have noticed the new asphalt and sealing work going on at Lake Havasu High School, Starline Elementary, and Havasupai Elementary? These improvements were made possible by the local taxes collected and referred to as “Adjacent Ways” funding.

Much like the name infers, the Adjacent ways funds may only be used for paving where school buses and emergency vehicles will travel. Our district parking lots and access to our schools is critical for safety, and maintaining them is of high importance.

Adjacent Ways is the property tax collected on parcels at a rate per $100,000.00 of value. These taxes are used only for paving and without them, our parking lots would not be safe. Because we are seeking a bond for facilities improvements, the Lake Havasu USD School Board voted to reduce this tax by half for the 16-17 school year, as we still need to ensure the district's parking lots and driveways are maintained as assessed. 

The district's maintenance department obtained bids to remove/replace pavement at certain district sites and to crack-seal/seal coat/stripe other areas, depending on the condition of each area. This work is best done when school is not in session, so all the activity is currently occurring. 

And the good news is . . . we will be ready and finished by the first day of school, August 8th! 

News about school meals

Many Lake Havasu Unified students qualify for free or reduced cost meals at their school. Read more about who qualifies in English | Spanish.
New this year—you can apply online for free or reduced cost meals at

My School Bucks

Prepay for student meals at There is a mobile device app available to make this easier. Check your app store for the MySchoolBucks app.

Read the food service newsletter.

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