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Summer Break. School resumes August 7, 2017.
  • For upcoming school board and employee benefit trust meetings check here.
  • Last day of school: May 25. Schools have special, end of year activities. Check your school's newsletter to find out what is happening.
  • Free summer meals for kids and teens program starts May 31. More...
  • Havasu Stick'Em immunization event: August 5 (Saturday), 8 am-noon, at the Lake Havasu Community Aquatic Center. School required immunizations will be provided by the Mohave County Department of Public Health. Bring your shot records and insurance card if you have one. Must check-in by 10:30 am for immunizations. Must Pre-register for vaccines by July 10th.
    Stick'Em flyer | pre-registration forms

Student dress code: a letter from the superintendent

The topic of dress codes and school uniforms has always generated conversations! At the school district and at school sites, we have had several complaints from students, parents, community members, and staff about the appearance and lack of modesty of our students, particularly during the warm weather times. The standardized shirts have addressed several of the modesty issues, and now the concern is the length of shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. Our discussion has included how awkward it is for our staff to address issues of modesty, especially for those students wearing really short shorts, skirts, etc. We decided that before moving to a uniform “bottoms” policy, we would set a modesty “measure” that allows students more choice in colors and styles than a uniform would, but also meets the modesty standard. The new language is:

“Shorts and skirts must be fingertip length. This means long enough so that when standing straight, hands at sides , the hem is at the edge of the fingertips. Students are responsible for checking in the mirror before coming to school.”

This ensures that while buying school clothes, every student has a measuring stick with them!

Some families have expressed concerns about being able to find appropriate length items. We will be working with our local stores to see if they can stock more options. Levi’s, Dickies, Lee, Eddie Bauer, and Wrangler all have really stylish shorts in a longer length. Also, all of the uniform vendors, such as French Toast or Cat & Jack, sell longer shorts and skirts, and they are often less expensive and easily accessed on line. I did a search online for “longer shorts” and was really amazed at all of the options and how stylish they were for both our boys and girls.

We are hoping that as our families are doing their school clothes shopping, these suggestions will ensure success. We will be enforcing the dress code at all of our schools beginning the first day of school.

Diana Asseier
Superintendent, Lake Havasu Unified

The new dress code policy will officially take effect during the 2017-18 school year, however, Oro Grande Elementary is enforcing it now. All students are encouraged to follow the new policy for the remainder of this school year.

Fourth annual White Sheet "Design-an-Ad" issue

White Sheet presents a check for $4,398The Lake Havasu White Sheet recently published its 4th annual Design-an-Ad issue featuring advertisements designed by Lake Havasu Unified elementary school students. If you missed it, you can view it online.

The White Sheet rewards the schools for the students efforts. White Sheet representative John Schneider is pictured here (center) giving our elementary school principals a check for $4,398.00.

The White Sheet says:

In an effort to put dollars back into our local school district, we were happy to afford students in grades 1-6 the opportunity to create their own personal, artistic advertisement for Lake Havasu City area businesses, and to see their creative work displayed in print in a very special section. The students were free to create an ad for any business of their choice. We are so proud of each and every one of the students that participated in the Design-An-Ad program.

Our thanks to Mr. Schneider and the White Sheet for offering this creative opportunity to our students.

Lake Havasu High wins team competition in Mathlympics

Lake Havasu High School math students once again won the team competition at the 19th Annual Mohave Community College Mathlympics. (See them get the news on the MCC Facebook page.) LHHS students competed against the best math students from seven other area high schools, including Mohave High School, Laughlin High School, and Telesis. Team Havasu coach Larry Olsen says:

I truly believe that our Unified K-12 district should take pride in this event. Whether it was the Kindergarten teacher teaching cardinal numbers, the second grade teacher teaching subtraction, the fourth grade teacher teaching division, the fifth grade teacher teaching geometry standards, the middle school teachers teaching ratio and proportion, or the high school teachers teaching the quadratic formula and Chi Square distribution, we all contributed to these students’ math skills along their mathematical journey. Thank you for a job well done.

Congratulations to the medal winning students listed below, all the Lake Havasu Unified students who competed, and to their teachers and parents.

  • Algebra 1
    • Gold - Kylee
    • Bronze - Nick
  • Geometry
    • Gold - Jomar
    • Silver - Chase
  • Algebra 2
    • Gold - Garrick
    • Silver - Alexa
    • Bronze - Trevor
  • Pre-Calculus
    • Bronze - Syeda
  • Statistics
    • Bronze- Kaycee
  • Calculus
    • Gold - Gowtham
    • Silver- Sergio

Also contributing to the overall team score were Rebecca, Brody, Justin, Faith, Bailey, Emily, and Will.

First steps taken on school bond sales

UPDATE 4/13/17: The first round of school bonds have been sold. It is expected that money from the sales will be available May 11 so the district can start working on bond funded projects.

The Lake Havasu Unified Governing Board has approved the first round of school improvement bond sales to finance school repairs and improvements. The first round of sales will raise $16.9 million. Sale of a total $49,050,000 in bonds was approved by voters this past November.
More about the 3/14/17 board meeting. | More about the bond and override. | Related newspaper article.

Override applied

The Lake Havasu Unified Governing Board has approved an employee compensation package and a change in athletic fees for the 2017-18 school year. Thanks to voter approval of a budget override this past November, district employees will see an increase to their base pay, a longevity supplement based on years of service, and other financial benefits. The board also approved a reduction in the student athletic fee cap from $800 to $400 at the high school, and from $400 to $200 at the middle school.
Read more about the 2/21/17 board meeting. | Read more about the bond and override.

Please comment on our food service program

LHUSD students and parents: please take an online survey at www.surveymonkey.com/r/LakeHavasu2017 to help us improve our food service program.

Regarding monthly governing board work sessions

Our governing board holds a monthly work session to review the draft agenda for the month's regular board meeting. These were held at 3 pm. Our board has listened to input from community members who have an interest in attending our meetings. Beginning with the meeting on February 14, 2017, our monthly board work sessions to review the draft agenda will be held at 5:00 p.m. This will accommodate individuals who would like to attend these meetings. These work sessions will continue to be in the boardroom at the district office.

Our regular monthly Board Meeting will continue to be held at 6:00 p.m. Check our Notice of Public Meetings page for more information about upcoming meetings.

Tax credit 2016

Thanks for your Tax Credit!
Our thanks to Bernadette Chamberlain (in the green shirt) for making her tax credit payment just before the office closed on December 30th. We hope she found her missing glasses. Also pictured are Judy McClintock, our tax credit person (in red) and some other Lake Havasu Unified employees who help with tax credit during the busy, end of year time: Mary Heronema, Christi Richards, Alice Opie, and Kelly Morrison. 

Taxes. Hardly a word that evokes a warm, fuzzy feeling for the majority of folks. This is the time of year that citizens start to gather all of their receipts, W-2's, 1099's, interest payments, investment gains/losses, and everything related to their prior year's personal financial picture. Then the anticipation rises as they wait with baited breath to hear the verdict from the accountant (or TurboTax)…will they owe more income taxes, or receive a refund?

For many Lake Havasu City residents, the Extra-Curricular Activity for Public Schools tax credit has helped to ease that anxiety, at least to some extent, by reducing individual state tax liabilities dollar-for-dollar. Since 1999, this tax credit program has allowed everyone who files State of Arizona income taxes the opportunity to allocate from $200-$400 of their tax obligation to the public school and extra/co-curricular activity of their choice. In essence, this gives taxpayers the chance to know exactly where their tax is being spent, and who benefits from it…our local public school students! It is no secret that Arizona's public education system has seen challenging funding times at the state level. This tax credit has kept athletic programs, the arts, full day kindergarten, career/vocational/tech clubs and more from becoming obsolete and impossible to sustain in LHUSD #1. Instead, due to the tremendous support of the tax credit program, these programs continue to thrive in Lake Havasu City!

For the past ten years, LHUSD #1 has received in the range of $500,000-$550,000 per calendar year, and has sustained a tax credit program that is literally the envy of many public school districts in Arizona. In 2015, the Arizona legislature voted to extend the deadline for contributions to public schools. Instead of the December 31st cutoff date, taxpayers now have until the standard tax filing deadline of April 15th to contribute to the school & activity of their choice and claim the credit on the prior year's taxes. This change in legislation, along with the outstanding, unwavering support of the LHC accountants and tax preparers, resulted in a record setting year in tax credit collections for LHUSD.

During the calendar year (January 1-December 31) of 2016, citizens contributed—drum roll, please—$696,363.48! Every penny of these contributions went to support student clubs, activities, and enrichment programs occurring outside regular classroom hours at LHUSD. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who graciously contributed to the tax credit program during the calendar year of 2016—you are amazing, and we are beyond grateful. You are appreciated by the students and staff more than you can know.

If you have not yet contributed, remember that you now have until April 15th to do so and receive that dollar-for-dollar reduction in your state tax liability. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Judy McClintock at 928-505-6917 or jmcclintock@havasu.k12.az.us.

New LHUSD business director appointed

The Governing Board of the Lake Havasu Unified School District is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Michael J. Murray—currently principal of Starline Elementary—to the position of Director of Business Services. He will start in his new position on February 1st. Corey Triassi—currently the instructional interventionist at Smoketree Elementary—will step in as interim principal at Starline. More about Mr. Murray and the interim Starline principal...

Lake Havasu Unified counselor named Arizona Counselor of the Year

Lake Havasu High School counselor Tracy Pressley has been named Counselor of the Year by the Arizona School Counselors Association. More about Counselor of the Year...

Transfer of property

A new park for the city and savings for the district will result from a transfer of property. The Lake Havasu Unified School District Governing Board is pleased to announce the transfer of deed agreement for Parcel Number 109-29-044, 301 Cypress Drive, between Lake Havasu Unified School District #1 and Lake Havasu City. Read more about the transfer of property...

State superintendent's AZ Kids Can't Wait! plan

Diane Douglas, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, recently visited Parker as part of her We Are Listening Tour. She was there to talk about her plan of action for Arizona schools called AZ Kids Can't Wait!, and to answer questions from the public. The plan is available for download from us or from the AZ Kids Can't Wait! website.
AZ Kids Can't Wait! download Opens a PDF document | AZ Kids Can't Wait! website

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