“I am amazed that we can do experiments with Arizona State University professors and students.”

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STEM clubs at Lake Havasu Unified elementary schools are helping to develop the scientists, engineers, and mathematicians of tomorrow. Jamaica sixth grader, Avery, says, “I am amazed that we can do experiments with Arizona State University professors and students.”

The United States became a global leader through its innovations and inventions during the 20th Century. They included the automobile and airplane, space flight and the lunar landing, the radio and television, laser and fiber optics, the Internet and Wi-Fi communications.

Americans led the world in creativity using science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). So, how will America fair in the 21st Century and beyond? More about STEM at LHUSD...

Use some of your tax refund to join the tax credit program

Are you one of the thousands of Lake Havasu City residents that do not participate in the Arizona school tax credit program? Are you expecting an income tax refund this year? Roll some of it over into the tax credit program. It can help get a bigger refund next year. More about the tax credit program...

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River Scene Magazine features stories about Lake Havasu City and the surrounding area. Here are links to several recent stories about Lake Havasu Unified School District.

Donation to pay for new marquee at LHHS

The Lake Havasu Unified governing board, during its regular meeting on February 17, 2015, approved purchase of a new marquee for Lake Havasu High School. Money for the marquis was donated by Mr. Jeff Guylas. Our thanks to Mr. Guylas and his family.
More about the marquee | More about the meeting

Joanne Vianos receives K-12 Foundation Golden Apple Award

The K-12 Foundation for LHUSD#1 presented the Sherry Dailey Golden Apple Award for February, 2015 to Joanne Vianos. Mrs. Vianos teaches 5th grade at Havasupai Elementary School. More and a picture.

LHHS selected to host 2017 student leadership convention

Lake Havasu High School has been selected to host the 2017 state convention of the Arizona Association of Student Councils. The event is expected to bring 2000 out of towners here for a weekend in early 2017. Congratulations to students and staff involved in student government for making this happen. Read more in the newspaper | PowerPoint

Board tables vote on 2015-16 Athletic fees 

The Lake Havasu Unified governing board held a special meeting at 7 p.m. on February 3 to talk about 2015-16 athletic fees. Lake Havasu High School athletic director, Roger Burger, reviewed a PowerPoint presentation he had given at a board work session on January 22. He then recommended the board approve option #1 from his presentation—an $800 annual athletic fee per athlete. Acting board chairman, Pat Rooney, asked for comments from audience members. Many suggested the board postpone a decision on fees until there could be more discussion in the community. As a result, the board voted to table (postpone) a final vote on high school and middle school athletic fees until March 26. More about the February 3 meeting...

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