Preparing for a test

Students take tests all the time. It is part of their job description, but there are things students and parents can do to make test-taking less of a trial.

Things to do all year long.

  • Go to school. Studies show that good school attendance is a critical factor in school achievement. Successful people are the ones who show up.
  • Read. Reading is super exercise for the brain.
  • Keep up with your homework. Letting yourself get behind causes more stress.
  • Get a good night's sleep before a school day.
  • Eat a good breakfast on a school day.

Things to do on a test day.

  • Relax. This is not a good day to tell your parents you want a tattoo.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Your brain needs quality fuel.
  • Get to school on time. You do not want to miss anything or get a late start. Running late causes more stress.
  • Bring any required materials (pen, calculator, paper, etc.)

Things to do during a test.

  • Listen to and read instructions carefully.
  • If you have a question or do not understand something, raise your hand and ask for help. Your teacher may not be able to help, but there is nothing to lose by asking.
  • Read all test questions carefully. It is easy to answer incorrectly if you do not understand the question.
  • Answer the easiest questions first. It gives your brain a chance to warm up. It is OK to skip a hard question and come back to it later.
  • Taking a test is not a race. It makes no difference who finishes first or last. Use as much of the available time as you need.
  • Do not change an answer unless you are sure it is wrong. Your first answer is usually your best answer.

Here are some web sites which offer more test taking tips.

If you are a student or teacher in our district, we would like to publish your suggestions on how to prepare for tests.  Please email us. Tell us if you are a student or teacher, and in what grade.