Jamaica and Starline take top awards at ASU STEM Math Challenge


The third annual ASU STEM Math Challenge brought together more than 140 students from LHUSD elementary schools, as well as Telesis, Havasu Preparatory and Calvary Christian academies in a head-to-head and school competition Nov 3rd, 2017 to see which students would shine on fast calculations and problem solving across various math disciplines. After the tests the children were treated to a pizza lunch in the gymnasium on ASU Lake Havasu Campus. Pictured are students from Jamaica taking home first place for the overall school award.

Overall School Awards

1st Place: Jamaica

2nd Place: Starline

3rd Place: Calvary


Individual Awards

4th Grade

1st Place : Collin - Jamaica

2nd Place : Jaxson - Jamaica

3rd Place : Seven - Starline

4th Place : Nathan - Jamaica

5th Place : Aiden - Telesis

6th Place : Daniella - Smoketree

5th Grade

1st Place : Luc - Telesis

2nd Place : Chase - Oro Grande

3rd Place : Kaden - Calvary

4th Place : Courtney - Oro Grande

5th Place : Corbin - Calvary

6th Place : Deanna - Jamaica

6th Grade

1st Place : Maya -Telesis

2nd Place : Tareen - HPA

3rd Place : Valin - Havasupai

4th Place : Benino - Havasupai

5th Place : Mia - Starline

6th Place : Tyler - Starline


Team Awards

4th Grade

1st Place: Jamaica: Collin, Nathan, Ryan

2nd Place: Jamaica: Logan, Jaxson, Gregory

3rd Place: Smoketree: Dylan, Daniella, Bailey

5th Grade

1st Place: Oro Grande: Cody, Charlie, Chase

2nd Place: Calvary: Kaden, Jordan, Corbin

3rd Place: Oro Grande: Courtney, Angela, Emma

6th Grade

1st Place: Starline: Josephine, Paige, Mia

2nd Place: Jamaica: Parker, JD, CJ

3rd Place: Telesis: Maya, Cole, Logan