October Board Meeting, 6 p.m. on 10/17/2017 (Agenda | Video | Minutes)

This is a summary and may not list all agenda items. For the full agenda, click the Agenda link above. Action items may include support documents that are not provided here but may be viewed at the district office. Clicking a "More..." link for an action item will open a pdf document with additional information about that item. All action items were approved without amendment.

  • Routine Opening of Meeting
    • Moment of Silent Prayer or Reflection
    • Roll Call
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Call for an Executive Session (if necessary)
    • Call for Budget Hearing
    • Call for Bond Hearing
  • Call to the Public
  • Recognition of Visitors
    • Lake Havasu City Education Association (LHCEA)
  • New Business
    • 6.1   Approval of License and Service Agreement with Tyler Technologies
    • 6.2   Approval of 2017-18 Revised Budget
    • 6.3   Approval of Safe Harbor Pupfish Certificate of Inclusion for School Yard Habitat at Lake Havasu High School
    • 6.4   Approval of Qualified Evaluators for the 2017-2018 School Year
    • 6.5   Approval of Performance Pay Site Based Goals for 2017-18
    • 6.6   Approval of Administrator Performance Pay Plan and Criteria for the 2017-2018 School Year
    • 6.7   Approval of Land Exchange 
    • 6.8   Approval of Vouchers, Student Activity Funds, and Auxiliary Funds

  • Informational Reports
  • Call to the Public

The mission of the Lake Havasu Unified School District is: to nurture all our children to their fullest potential, to develop their skills in all major aspects of learning, creating lifelong learners who think critically and to engage the entire community in this unity of purpose. --WE are preparing for tomorrow, one student at a time.