Board Work Session, 3 pm on 4/14/2016 (Agenda | Video | Minutes)

Board met to discuss agenda for the regular monthly meeting on 4/19/16. Board member Rooney was not at this meeting. Board president Navaretta read a statement addressing employee concerns about health benefits (text Below).

We would like to take this opportunity to give you some clarification and assurances with regards to your concerns.

It's never been our intent to take money from staff salaries to fund the EBT (trust). Governing Board and Directors commit to you that no additional funds will be taken from staff pay to fund the EBT next year. Funding will come from economies and other funding sources, i.e. Prop 123.

As an accommodation to staff, due to the uncertainty of staff funding this year, on the April 19 agenda there is now an action item for a one-time exception to severance policy to extend the letter of intent not to renew; professional staff will have 15 days after contracts are issued, and support staff will have 7 days after at-will employment notices are issued.

We need your help–please get your suggestions posted on the website (L Drive) and/or give them to your budget committee rep. We would ask that you make an effort to look for economies at your individual sites and departments because you know them best. Again, get these to your representative so we can consider them at the budget committee meeting on Monday. (The Budget¬† Committee meeting has been expanded to a 3 hour time slot to accommodate discussion. In the event this time allotment is not adequate, we will reconvene the budget committee meeting to another date.)

Contracts will be issued on Monday, April 25.  We are looking at a special board meeting on Friday, April 22, at 4:00 pm.

We value your contributions to the District and your input. Together we can work through this difficult process. As we look ahead we know that an override and bond are necessary, and we are looking to our staff to play a key role in helping to achieve their passage.

Thank you again for your contributions and dedication to this District.

Jo Navaretta, Governing Board President