Principal's Corner

My name is Connie Hogard. I am married and have two grown children who live in Lake Havasu City with their families. I have been with the Lake Havasu Unified School District for 25 years; that entire time has been at Smoketree Elementary School.

I started at Smoketree as a volunteer and was president of the PTSO. In 1983, I was hired on as an instructional assistant. Ten years later, I became the media specialist. During that time, I started to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. After achieving my degree, I transitioned into a first grade teaching position. While teaching first grade, I continued to further my education and received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and earned my Principal’s Certificate in 2004.

That same year, I transitioned from being a first grade teacher to the principal of Smoketree Elementary School. It is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to the excitement and energy that makes our school special. I firmly believe a schoolhouse is four walls with tomorrow inside. I invite you to enter Smoketree’s doors and meet our faculty and highly qualified staff who are committed to helping our students prepare for a successful future. Together, we can make a difference.

Smoketree Staff

Office Staff

Connie Hogard - Principal
Naomi Morgan - Administrative Assistant
Shannon Plane - Nurse | website
Deanna Morris - Office Assistant

Developmental Preschool
Carolyn Alexander
Christina Hetrick
Christy Thom
Debra Weger

Kindergarten Teachers
Athena Cota
Kellie Tefft

First Grade Teachers
Roseann Hagen
Veronna Karnish

Second Grade Teachers
Sue Bridwell | web
Annamarie Garcia | web

Third Grade Teachers
Sara Daniels
Brandy Peck
Kelli Rabins

Fourth Grade Teachers
Christina Heckel
Jessica Scavuzzo
Norma Zink

Fifth Grade Teachers
Tiffany McClintock
Fatima Mu

Sixth Grade Teachers
Sherry Kortan
Tamara Yates

Title One Staff

Open Position - Instructional Interventionist


Erica Suetterlin - Music
Maria Armenta - ELL Assistant
Annette Horlacher - Computer Lab Manager
Tracey Kunz - Occupational Therapy
Betty Jakubik Randolph, Physical Therapy
Mary Halfacre - Physical Therapy, Preschool
Enduren Napuli - Speech Therapy
Elaine Quinn, Speech Therapy, Preschool
Joan Anderson - Art
Doug Pehling - Psychologist
Linda Stauffer - Library
Christina Gibbs - Physical Education

Special Education Staff

Kasey Baker, Resource Teacher Intermediate
Joleen Cole, Resource Teacher Primary

SDC Staff

Patricia Fligg
Susan Falzon

Instructional Assistants

Maria Armenta
Cheri Bartlebaugh
Callie Blanchard
Jamie Blanchard
Ann Branch
Martha Castellanos
Cheryl Gomez
Beronica Garcia

Patricia Heron
Shannon Hoff
Cynthia Jaconi
Vicki King
Shannon Krystek
Adelaide Longo
Fallon Madsen
Amber McKendrick

Carol Pichardo
Angela Sloma
Barbara Smith
Brianna Thomas
Cindy Thomas
Gabriele Villescas
Lindsey Werbiskis (Speech)

Custodial Staff

Eric Cota
Cindy Parnell
Lorin Robinson