Notice to Parents

LHUSD students and parents: please take an online survey to help us improve our food service program.

Oro Grande is a Title I school. Please take our online Title I survey.

Prompt Afterschool Pickup: Normal school days ends at 2:30 and staff supervision ends at 2:40 pm. Students are expected to go straight home. School personnel are not available for supervision outside of those times and we do not have the facilities to watch or take care of children after they are dismissed. Parents and guardians need to pick up their children in a timely manner. If you will be late to pick up your child, please call the office to inform staff. Repetitive late pick-ups will be reported to the principal. A phone call or letter may be sent home reminding you that prompt pick-up is important to ensure your child's safety.

Oro Grande Elementary is Title One School-Wide


Oro Grande is a Title One school and receives Federal funding based on our poverty count (free and reduced lunch count). This funding is for supplemental assistance to help our school succeed. Our Title One Plan is available in the front office for you to view.

The mission of Oro Grande Elementary School is to develop lifelong independent learners equipped to meet the intellectual, emotional and physical challenges of citizenship in a changing world. We believe that partnerships established with students, parents, staff and community will assist in reaching this mission.

Oro Grande Facts
Oro Grande Elementary School serves around 370 students in grades K-6. The school opened in 1982, and is currently rated as a "B" school by the Arizona Department of Education. Our school mascot is the roadrunner. We are located at 1250 Pawnee Drive in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.