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The Business Services Department of Lake Havasu Unified School District deals with accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, purchasing, payroll, benefits, and inventory. The director of business services also oversees the transportation department and the district warehouse. If you have any questions that are not answered on this web page, you may call us at (928) 505-6900 or at any of the numbers listed below for more specific help. You can also fax us at (928) 505-6999 or visit us at the district office at 2200 Havasupai Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.

For information about current bids and requests for proposals, please go to

For information about the district budget, go to

Mike Murray, Director of Business Services | Phone: 928-505-6936

Mary Heronema, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 928-505-6936

  • Gifts/Donations
  • Insurance Claims (Vandalism, Injuries)
  • Record Retention/Disposal
  • Bids and RFPs
  • More...

Patti Bacer
Phone: 928-505-6942

  • Purchasing
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inventory

Kathie Schuler
Phone: 928-505-6939

  • Accounts Payable
  • Revolving Fund
  • Travel Reimbursement

Robert Keirns, Transportation Supervisor
Phone: 928-505-6960

Peggy Wallis, Administrative Assistant for Transportation
Phone: 928-505-6960

  • Student Bussing
  • Staff Vehicles
  • More...

Kelly Morrison, Accounting
Phone: 928 505-6940

  • Revenue/Clearing Fund
  • Cash Balances
  • Reconciliation of All Accounts
  • More...

Erin Horvath, Accounting
Phone: 928-505-6941

  • Student Activities
  • Auxiliary Operations

Todd Hess, Warehouse Manager
Phone: 928-505-6922

Judy McClintock, Tax Credit
Phone: 928-505-6917

Bonnie Breazeal
Phone: 928-505-6929

  • Payroll
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance
  • More...

Cheri Tropple
Phone: 928-505-6930

  • Payroll
  • Benefits

OUR RESPONSIBILITY AND GOAL: The responsibility of the Purchasing Department is the organization and administration of consistent, fair and effective purchasing services for all Lake Havasu Unified School District schools and departments. Our goal is to obtain the maximum value for every dollar spent while complying with the procurement policies set by the Governing Board and State Procurement Laws. To achieve this goal, the Purchasing Department has been charged with the authority and responsibility for the following:

  • Identifying qualified vendors, developing and maintaining good buyer/vendor business relationships, and keeping informed of market trends.
  • Acquiring goods and services from qualified vendors for schools and departments in an economical, prompt, and reasonable manner.
  • Preparing specifications, analyzing bids and proposals and preparing quotations.
  • Awarding contracts and ensuring vendor performance compliance.
  • Maintaining a readily available stock of commonly used items at the distribution center
  • Serving all other purchasing and distribution needs of the schools and departments within the Lake Havasu Unified School District No. 1.

PURCHASING QUESTIONS If you have purchasing questions, you may call the following staff for more information:



The Purchasing Department uses various methods of procurement to acquire goods and services. The most commonly used methods are explained below: 

  • Purchase Orders:
    The School or Department purchasing directly from a vendor must submit a purchase requisition prior to previewing or purchasing merchandise. Anyone purchasing without a purchase order assumes the responsibility for payment since there is no contract or commitment on the part of the District. The purchase requisition must contain the proper account coding, appropriate signatures, and correct documentation. A purchase order will then be issued by the Purchasing Department. After a purchase order has been issued with specific items or services listed, a substitution or price increase exceeding 10% may not be made by the school, department or vendor without permission from the Purchasing Department representative.
    Purchase order terms, conditions, and instructions
  • Competitive Bids/Requests for Proposals:
    Competitive, sealed bids or proposals from vendor(s) are required for purchases of $33,689 or more for equipment, supplies, services, and construction. The Purchasing Department prepares the specifications with the cooperation of the end user, advertises the bid/proposal, evaluates the bid/proposal and recommends award to the Governing Board.
  • Price Quotes:
    Verbal quotations are required from at least three vendors, where possible, for purchases in excess of $5,000 but less than $15,000 and written quotations for purchases in excess of $15,000 but less than $33,689 per District policy and State law.
  • State Contracts:
    The district office has information about state contracts and purchasing cooperative organizations that offer favorable pricing on many commonly used items. These organizations have already fulfilled bidding requirements for you. Patti Bacer can provide more information.
  • Sole Source:
    A contract may be awarded for merchandise, service or construction without competition if there is a written determination that there is only one source. Documentation verifying a sole source must accompany the submittal of the purchase requisition to Purchasing. A copy of the written evidence and determination of the basis for sole source shall be retained in the office of the Director.


If you have unused, unwanted or surplus property at your school or department, please contact Patti Bacer. The items will be picked up at your convenience and properly disposed of or assigned to a needed location.


After the purchase order is processed, items are either picked up or shipped to the Distribution Center. The Distribution Center delivers items to the school or department. After all merchandise is received or services rendered, the requesting person shall promptly sign the yellow copy of the purchase order, date it, note the shipment is complete and mail to Accounts Payable Department. Without this, Accounts Payable may not pay against a Purchase Order. This procedure is critical to ensure that vendors are paid on a timely basis.


The Business Office is hopeful that the information in the Business Page will make your job easier and that you will feel free to contact our office with any problems or concerns that may arise.

Click here for a checklist that will provide you with at-a-glance verification that all steps have been followed for processing and completing a Purchase Order.

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