District Budget and Financial Reports

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Latest additions:

  • Vouchers (A  written  record  of  expenditure,  disbursement,  or  completed  transaction.) Our governing board receives a monthly voucher report. You can view those using the drop down menu below. Reports are in PDF format.

  • Lake Havasu Unified pays many different vendors for goods and services. Check our vendor list for 2016-17 to see who they are.

Lake Havasu Unified School District must develop a budget for each school year. (You can see a timeline for the budget process and a diagram explaining our funding sources further down this page.)

Many different, budget related documents are uploaded to the Arizona Department of Education website for public view. For example, you can view our annual financial report here or access a variety of reports here. These are the actual Excel spreadsheet files our business services department works with. Not everyone has the means to download and view an Excel spreadsheet file, so we have also made a variety of financial reports available as PDF files using the links below.

What are all these reports?

Auditor General Report*


*This report is often referenced for its assessment of classroom and non-classroom spending. Watch a YouTube video that explains classroom and non-classroom.

School District Funding Sources

Below is a chart detailing where our funding comes from and how it may be spent. The chart shows bonds and overrides as possible sources of funding, but Lake Havasu Unified receives no funding from bonds or overrides at this time.
View this chart as a pdf.

LHUSD funding sources.

Budget Timeline


  • Annual Financial Report presented to governing board.


  • Evaluate preliminary budget limits established per 40th day ADM (Average Daily Membership - an attendance figure.).


  • Meet with building principals to discuss staffing allocations for next school year. Enrollment finalization, preliminary staffing allocations and costs, finalize staffing.
  • Review enrollment, enrollment projections and staffing policies.
  • Discuss present educational program concerning possible revisions thereto for next school year which would affect the budget, staffing ratio, special programs, selection of textbooks and materials.


  • Budget Development Meetings for next school year.


  • Review compilation of District budget for recommendation to the Board.
  • Complete salary considerations.


  • Current school year expenditure budget revisions presented to governing board.


  • Proposed budget for next school year presented to governing board.


  • Governing board votes on proposed budget and it becomes the adopted budget.
  • Adopted budget transmitted to Arizona Department of Education.